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Shelter Has Many Forms

He will provide shelter and food! How easy is that for you to accept that He provides what we need in His timing not our timing? Or better yet, how easy is it to trust Him when the timing is right? Over the course of years, months and days I’ve planned to live affordably but, […]

How To Complain

How to complain about a business

If a business has made a mistake with your order or botched a service it provides, it can pay to complain. However, there’s a nuance to the complaining. You don’t want to just rant and rave. That typically doesn’t get you far. Here’s how to get the best results when complaining to a company.

Be Fast

The quicker you file your complaint, the better. The faster you complain, the more likely you are to have access to the necessary information. If you wait, you might misplace a receipt or even lose a piece of product that needs to be returned.

Be Accurate

Make sure you have emails, receipts and more before making your complaint. Validity and accuracy go a long way when it comes to getting results.

Be Nice

As the old saying goes, you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. So before complaining, take a deep breath. No matter how mad you are, it’s a better idea to make a calm, polite complaint. A business is more likely to take you seriously if you’re kind. And remember: The customer service agent is just that. They didn’t have anything to do with what happened, so be nice.

Be Smart

It can be beneficial to complain on social media, but only if you use the right ones. As US News reports, Facebook and Instagram aren’t a great place to explain your gripe. That’s because the algorithm those sites use can prevent people who aren’t your “friends” from seeing the post. Twitter, on the other hand, is where it’s at. On Twitter, users from everywhere can see your posts. Not only that, many businesses have specific customer service accounts on Twitter to handle complaints. A quick search using the name of the company and word “service” can usually help unearth them.

Today, I Learned

Learned Challenges Learned something new today and that is that my life is exposed by my challenges. These challenges that are inside me. Pressure The pressure going on in my life reveals what I treasure and what I trust the most. Response That is why my response should be that I must respond to my […]

Your Testimony Is Waiting To Be Heard

Getting To The Core The inner structure around which we build our lives is called our core value system. Our core values motivate our decision making as well as the actions we will take. Let us focus on restored relationships between the unsaved and God, let us focus on God’s ability to transform our identity […]

Trial Outcomes

Outcomes From Trials I truly hope the outcomes from the trials I had in my life will give you hope and the strength to know you can sustain your trials. We all have a purpose to fulfill while we are on this earth in this body we call a human being. I know during hard […]

Searches and Seizures

Information Center >> Criminal Law >> Searches And Seizures Your constitutional protection against an illegal search or seizure is actually a protection of your right to privacy against unauthorized intrusion by the government. Thus, search and seizure questions must be framed in the context of personal privacy rights that are particular to each case. In order to investigate […]

Arrest, Interrogation and Bail

Questions and Answers You are here: Information Center >> Criminal Law >> Arrest, Interrogation and Bail An arrest means that a police officer, or other government agent, has taken you into her custody or detained you. An indictment is not necessary for an arrest. It is also not necessary for the police officer to say, “You are under arrest.” […]


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