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Shelter Has Many Forms

He will provide shelter and food! How easy is that for you to accept that He provides what we need in His timing not our timing? Or better yet, how easy is it to trust Him when the timing is right?

Over the course of years, months and days I’ve planned to live affordably but, at what costs?

There is nothing worse then moving too much in our life time. I’ve never have had a place to reisde that I regretted leaving. My parents moved all the time, so I never have felt or understood what structure meant when it came to comfort or stability. I made the same mistake when it came to my children.

My children have moved with me numerous times for many reasons. I’ve relied on others, their promises, their failures and my failures. I was married to their dad who was verbally abusive for around 10 years. We tried doing a live in seperation for the kids who were 3 and around 18 months at the time. But, that didn’t work so, I looked for a place to move to where I could have my children with me. I tried finding something affordable, that was nearly impossible. Over the course of 20 years I’ve probablly moved about 15 times.

I’ve owned homes over the course of time and sold those over time to provide what I needed at the time. I’ve lived in varies apartments in vairious areas. I’d move because, there were rent increases and others had move incentives. I’d have storage for periods of time to giving up and donating everything. Every time, I’d move I would purge things because, I wasn’t using them like I thought I would. I guess you could call that a cleanse, ha ha.

I’ve shared in another post “living off the grid” pro’s and con’s of living on land and where we started with that. Since, I’ve contemlated living in our new travel trailer with my son and his dog. Tight quarters small living space for three can bring its challenges including parent, child and an animal that we love very much.

When my daughter would come to visit and due to different varients of weather. I’d break down the table to make it into the bed for her to sleep on. She’s only been able to visit two times.

Since, winter is coming and shelter will be neccessary. I branched out to look at other options for me to have residence. A place to call my own started with the term used all over the internet and in varies communities. Tiny homes are a bit costly for me. So, I went another route.

I saw that Costco had a shed on special and it looked much like a tiny home versus a shed. So, I ordered it. Then, I received an email stating it would be delay for around 5 more weeks versus the original timeframe of 3-5 weeks. Then, I was giving a delivery date. I planned on hiring my son’s uncle to assemble this building. I sent him a list of things that were needed for the completion of the building. His availability was slim and he was on standby. I called the company the day before the delivery and they said it is set to be delivered tommorrow. I waited all day for the phone call. Nothing!

I was fuming mad to say the least. So, I canceled immeditaly (the day after the delivery day that was scheduled). Why me? Why?

About a month went by when I realized I need to get moving on something. So, I considered a manufactured home. I found one on clearance, so, I put my name in as an interested party. The lady said, it would be ready to go, fixed repaired, set-up and delivery was included in the price. Being this was the weekened viewing, I called the office on Monday, who told me I was rpovided the wrong information and that this would add around 20k-40k more onto the price. So, I opted out.

I decided to drop back by a place I considered over and over again. I had driven by this company on the side of the road many times. Contemplating the costs and having compareed with other companies. I decided this company makes the most sense.because of what they offer; warranty, quality, delivery, etc. I drove into the parking lot, went into the office and asked to speak with the person who can show me the buildings. The first one was the ideal one I wanted. But, I decided to walk around and look at the the others. I decided the first one is the one I want. We went inside wrote up the paperwork. I wrote a check, and it was delivered.

Although, I still was a bit unsure about the delivery time frame. I got things situatured, raked the spot, verified over and over again this was the spot. I origingally stayed in a tent at this exact location and I knew the sun and the shade it provided.

The man attempted to delivery it on a Friday but, he ran into problems with delivery of another one. So, he said he will shoot for Saturday. On Saturday, I was antsy and getting ready for another dissapointment. So, I texted him and asked that he let me know when he leaves his presnet job so, I can estimate him arrival. Well, it was nearing 1pm and factoring in I hadn’t heard from him. I started to give up, but, kept myself busy by triming bushes, trees, etc.

Next thing I heard was my phone, receiving a text message with an ETA. He would be there soon. Praise God!

Anxious and Excited

I brought a chair up to the gate area and sat and waited. The neighbors came over and were super excited for me and knew I was on pins and needles. I heard the truck enter our main road. I was suprised to see two trucks. I guess the width requires another vehicle ahead to make sure it can make it to your location.

Excited and Nervous

As you can see by the pictures there were some tight areas were the branches would rub against the dormor windows. I thought for sure the roof or the windows would be damaged.

A few times I had to look away because, of the turning radius that was needed and the tipping of the unit off of the trailer.

Around two nights prior I had ordered insulation, materials and supplies from Home Depot. I was given the option of delivery dates and I requested the same day delivery. I waited for notification they were on their way. To no avail, no delivery. I phoned the store and canceled because, they said they don’t deliver the same day. I said, then why does your website give you the choice? I decided to go in person and get what I needed instead.

The next day, I got to work and insulated the walls in no time at all.

The following day, I started moving things into my tiny home.


I have a burden to see others learn and grow and I am protective of those under my care. I'm what you would have called a third generation baker. My grandfather and my father were bakers. I started my own business teaching children how to make, bake and decorate. Eventually, that led me to protecting girls from being trafficked. Then to working on and off the streets with the girls being trafficked. I taught girls in a group setting and worked one on one with the girls in and out of the juvenile hall. Then, I made a big mistake and got involved in emergency disaster services. Since, I've become a substance abuse counselor. God only knows what is next!

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