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More Than We Can Factor

It’s dark out
Water blotting about
Anticipation awaits
We’ve finally reached our destination
Anxious about what our land will bring
Near a fire
The rainfall is heavy
Anticipate a wet winter
The elevation is more than we can factor
The water flow will be a thing to factor
Praying our creek will over flow to our neighbors near and dear to our hearts
Lord you have blessed us more than we know and
It’s only October 21, 2021 you know


I have a burden to see others learn and grow and I am protective of those under my care. I'm what you would have called a third generation baker. My grandfather and my father were bakers. I started my own business teaching children how to make, bake and decorate. Eventually, that led me to protecting girls from being trafficked. Then to working on and off the streets with the girls being trafficked. I taught girls in a group setting and worked one on one with the girls in and out of the juvenile hall. Then, I made a big mistake and got involved in emergency disaster services. Since, I've become a substance abuse counselor. God only knows what is next!

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